Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dog to dog blog: doing a week without the option

Hi guys

So here I am at the boat, spending a week with the AGPs whilst Mum swans off somewhere without me. I knew things were looking bad when she spent all Friday cleaning, washing and packing, including making up a set of meals for me. Sure enough, Saturday morning, we went shopping and for a run on the washlands, then it was off to the boat. At least this time she remembered to bring the food, not like the last time this happened.

We'd barely been there ten minutes when Mum made an excuse and she and Grandpa vanished. G came back about an hour later and nothing's been seen of Mum since. Granny says she's had texts from her, but since the phone is kept out my reach after what happened last time, I can't check it out. Just hope she's OK.

Sleeping arrangements are definitely weird too. Instead of tucking us all up together, Granny is sleeping on her own in the cabin and I'm sharing the dinette with Grandpa. Mind you, I was pretty cream crackered last night, so didn't care much then, but I was seriously narked not to be allowed to go through and snuggle with Granny this morning.

It's not all bad; went for a walk round the marina this morning and the cleaners were having a tea break in their little hidey hole. Since it was the two dog-owning ones, I was able to blag a good few treats off them by giving them soulful looks. Thanks ladies, you are a bright light in a naughty world ;)

Had another walk this afternoon, partly with Granny but mostly just at speed with Grandpa. Got into a bit of trouble at the front after being insulted by a collie there outside the shop – it's seriously embarrassing being put on my back by Grandpa and told off. I mean, I take that from Mum, but when did he get promoted to pack leader?


Ah well, one night down, six to go...

Keep safe, guys

Loads of licks

Your friend


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Anonymous said...

Hello Sally, so lovely to hear from you - we've had a whole collection of hounds visiting us recently but they've got no boat to play on because Indigo Dream is being refurbished (taking ages!).

Glad you're well and still doing a great job of looking after the AGPs.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream