Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Turn of the year, turn of the boat

It's another glorious day out there, very little wind, bright sun, all the trimmings. The birds were singing first thing when Sal decided she needed to go out and the whole situation is just delightful. Now that our neighbour Caitlin Jane is back on the other side of the pontoon, I'm happy for Sheila to hobble up and down it, so after I'd walked the pooch, we disconnected from the shore and turned the boat round.

This means that the bow now faces out across the marina. The new folding chairs we got from Go Outdoors have been put to use in the well deck; Sally enjoys sitting out there, too, keeping a wary eye on those sinister characters the mallard drakes who come swimming by from time to time.

Once we were all sorted, I made a quick shopping trip to Still Waters where they'd got some of our favourite cheese topped rolls, highly suitable for lunchtime sarnies.

Since then, it's been largely peaceful, now that we have an agreement with Sal about the complete unnecessity of barking at aforesaid ducks. I've given her another walk, though she was puffing and panting a bit in the heat. Looks like we've got at least one more day of this, though it will probably cool down at the weekend.

I guess you can't expect it to last, it being still the first half of April. Just hope that this isn't this year's summer...

View from the well deck

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