Friday, 1 May 2015

Getting sorted to go

Suddenly, it's not that long to us heading out, hopefully, and there are all these jobs we said we'd do before going... It being a decent day for once, we turned to and washed the port side of the boat straight after breakfast, whilst Sheila also ran the first of a series of wash loads. She wants to catch up with everything whilst we are still on shore power.

The boat wash went very smoothly and was all done by coffee time. After a bit of a break, Sheila had a doily to pack up to send to the customer and I turned out the top right drawer of the desk, the one that has all the small bits and bobs in it and becomes more and more chaotic as time goes on. I was able to identify quite a lot of stuff which we no longer need and put the rest back in a reasonably sorted state.

Some of the throw outs, such as a couple of Maglite pen torches, went to the laundry whilst a fair bit just went straight in the bin. By now it was lunchtime, goody goody. After the usual pause for post prandial pondering, the first wash load was taken to the laundry to be tumbled whilst the second was on its way in the machine.

That second load had finished and a third started before it was time to set off to the village. Sheila had a hair appointment and the doily to post and I wanted to collect a repeat prescription. We also asked in the Post Office about paying in the wretched dollar cheque there, but no dice. Ash suggested that a main Post Office might be able to help, so we'll try again on Tuesday morning when in Derby.

Leaving Sheila to the tender mercies of the hairdresser, I nipped down to the pharmacy, only to discover that the latest set of drops, the Simbrinza, hadn't yet come in. It's a very new formulation. Oh joy, that means another walk down there tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is family invasion and document signing day; if there's a blog at all, it's liable to be quite short, I suspect.


Snowy Owl said...

Poor Sheila always seems to doing laundry ;)

Bruce in Sanity said...

Just like poor Bruce is always doing the cooking :)

It works for us!