Thursday, 30 April 2015

Into Intu once more

We had two things to celebrate today – Sheila resuming full mobility, or starting to, and the prospect of getting away next week. So we decided to head into Derby and have a meal in Wagamama to celebrate. We didn't want to be too long about it, as Sheila's legs are still getting used to the idea of walking any distance, so set out to catch the 11.25.

We bundled up to keep out the wind and the possibility of rain and had been standing at the stop for maybe five minutes when Peter Hampton pulled up. He was on his way to Littleover but insisted on taking us into Derby. Another very decent human being, you get a lot of them associated with boating.

As a result of Peter's kindness, we were a bit early for eating so made a couple of calls first. Our cereal box is showing its age in that the flap over the pourer has broken, so we went into Lakeland to get a Lock & Lock one to replace it. Unfortunately, they were sold out but they've agreed to keep one back from the next consignment to arrive so that we can take advantage of the special offer they presently have on them. Score a half for that, then.

Next we went to Nationwide, where we bank these days, to see if I could pay in a cheque from Amazon, royalties from our e-book sales in the States and Canada. It's a US dollar cheque (or check, I should say) and they don't take them anymore. A zero score there, then.

Never mind, we had a good meal in Wagamama and still had time to shop in WH Smith for puzzle books for Sheila and to get some food from Sainsbury's before catching the 1.00 back. We've had a quiet time of it since.

I did some Googling about the dollar check problem. It's getting very difficult to cash one in this country unless your bank accepts them. The only bright spot is that the Yanks have never grasped the crossed check principle, so as long as I endorse it, it can be paid into anybody's account. If necessary, I'll send it to my sister in New York and she can let us have the value of it when next we see her.

Before that, we'll check if Sheila's Post Office bank account will take it when I go there tomorrow to mail her latest crochet doily out.

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