Friday, 26 June 2015

A good start to the trip

Things went to plan this morning, always good at the start of a cruise. We were up and about early, drinking after breakfast coffee by seven and ready to go by half past. We toddled round to the service wharf and pumped out. The tank was barely three-quarters full, so we were able to give it a good rinse. I suspect that there's some sludge building up on the bottom of the tank, a risk of using yeast based tank treatment.

Either that or the gauge is reading high. It would be good if we had a small inspection hatch in the top of the tank, so that you could eyeball the base and use a pressure washer in there.

Off we went at eight. There was an interesting moment at the marina exit since fellow moorer Paul was lining up to come in as we were set to leave. He generously pulled back to let us out, good chap that he is, but of course the wind had now taken our bow and I wasn't able to make the smooth departure I'd lined up for.

Well, that's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it. The tree growth around the exit makes it impossible to see another boat approaching until it's too late.

We had an uneventful cruise to Branston, enduring the occasional light shower and a chilly breeze. Sheila was lockwheeling again; it looks as if we will be able to get back to our usual day and day about routine. There was a load of room when we got here and we've been joined by just two other boats since, although we passed a fair bit of traffic on the way.

We took a walk round the lake this afternoon and spotted a variety of birds. Some of them were a long way away, so apologies for the fuzziness of one or two of these photos:

Greylag geese
A club of coots
Pair of Oyster catchers
That's a snipe, honest!

Great crested grebe

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