Thursday, 25 June 2015

Brief note

I know I said I wasn't going to post today, but am back on the boat, though much cheese biscuited and thought I should do a quickie update.

We spent pretty well the whole morning in the Eye Clinic, not because they were running late but because my pressures had drifted up again :(. So they fitted me in for a second blast of the laser and then gave me a prescription for some anti-inflammatory drops to use for three days. So that meant another 40 minutes in the Boots operated OP pharmacy to get it filled.

Full marks to the Eye Clinic, nul points to the pharmacy. Was a time you just got a prescription you could take to any chemist, just like the ones you got from your GP, only green, I seem to remember.

We'll need to come back in six weeks for follow up but still plan to go to Stourport in the meantime.

My skin, on the other hand, was pronounced all better and I was in, out and discharged from Dermatology in about ten minutes. Not all bad today, then.

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