Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Change of weather, change of plan

It's been an odd sort of day with dull, windy weather and the occasional splash of light rain. Not at all the conditions for working out of doors, so we've been inside mostly. We did manage a walk round the marina this morning, calling in at the shop for bits and pieces as we passed. Sheila's been pottering and I cleaned out the drawer under the Squirrel which gets very messy with coal dust and the like.

Apart from that, it's been largely routine housekeeping stuff; I've started another lot of bread dough, we having finished the first lot of rolls with lunch.

I think the only other thing of note is the improved performance of Canal World. The moderation took a turn for the better earlier this year, so that although it's still a place for robust debate, by and large the discussions focus on the issues and are much less prone to descend into playground name calling. By the standards of such forums, that's quite an achievement.

In addition, the site has just moved to a better host so that loading times are much quicker with far fewer failures with fatal error messages. All this is costing the site owner more money. The site is still free to use, but there is a voluntary scheme to sign up to donate £1 per month via Paypal. At £12 per year, it's frankly better value than any of the print media, especially if you need technical help or advice about any aspect of inland boating.

Finally, I managed to take some photos of the newly arrived Shepherd Hut and Garden Pod whilst we were out:

Shepherd Hut with Pod in background
A mere £24,950 for this...
Inside the pod. £14,950 for this one



KevinTOO said...

How Much ? :O
For a Tin Shed!

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit like a WW2 Morrison shelter they were free.......

Keep up the excellent blogs.


Bruce in Sanity said...

S'not tin, tin's expensive. It's plastic imitation corrugated iron. To be fair, the interior is fully fitted with a dinette, microwave, shower and ordinary loo, so you'd have to plumb it in.

A Morrison shelter, is that like an Andersen shelter but you buy it down the supermarket? ;)

Actually, it mostly looks like a Nissen hut on wheels to me. It's advertised as suitable for an au pair, but I think you have to supply your own au pair...



KevinTOO said...

The Morrison shelter was designed by John Baker and named after the Minister of Home Security, Herbert Morrison and Peter Mandelson is the grandson of Herbert Morrison.
Isn't it amazing the things I know... lol