Thursday, 18 June 2015

Normal service resumed, but with wind

The sun is back with us, hooray, but so is the wind, boo. We put up with it, however, to get the outside jobs done. I've now repainted the starboard side hatch frame and Sheila rubbed down the lower tread from the bow steps. That's now been varnished and Sheila is sticking the non-slip pad on it as I write this.

Sheila needed to go to the village this afternoon, so it was particularly useful that Jo turned up and offered her a lift. On their way back, Sheila collected an early birthday present from the office in the shape of a Kindle Paperwhite. It's in the summer that you realise the main downside of reading on the iPad, whether on iBooks or the Kindle App, namely, you can't do it outside. We kept one of the keyboard Kindles when we got the iPads and I use that to read when sitting in the well deck. This addition for Sheila means that she can do the same and use it to read in bed too.

Apart from that, it's been a day for going gently and getting on with the routine, meaning not a lot to report, I fear. Never mind, tomorrow the new patio furniture arrives, so I'll try and get some photos of it to post here.


Dave McKenna said...

Hey guys hope your both well. When
You next out Cruising ?

Bruce in Sanity said...


I've got two OP appointments next Thursday, the 25th, so hopefully we'll get away on Friday, a week today. Current plan is to head down to Stourport then round the Four Counties and so to Poynton for the Owners' Weekend at the start of September.

Thanks for prompting me to update the cruising plan panel!



Dave McKenna said...

Excellent Bruce hopefully I'll get to meet you again this year. Last being 2013 at Stockton Heath. Hope your appointments go well

Marilyn McDonald said...

The Kindle Paperwhite is the business! I wouldn't be without mine and I have been a book fan forever. For insomniacs like me it is great as no one gets disturbed by my reading through the night. Cheers, Marilyn (