Monday, 15 June 2015

Getting lots done

By nine this morning I'd been down to the village for some top up shopping. By ten we'd rinsed the port side of the boat and used a microfibre to dry it off. There's still plenty of polish on there but the dust needed clearing off. Having got that side looking good, we unhooked the shoreline and so on and turned the boat round so that the bow now faces out and the starboard side is ready for attention.

Sheila had already run one washload and once everything was connected up again she started another. Various odd jobs got done and there was time to sit out in the well deck and enjoy the sun before lunch.

Afterwards we had a call from Kath on the cleaning team to say that she'd rearranged some of the appliances in the kitchen of the lodge as she was concerned that the steam from the kettle was damaging the underside of the cupboard over it. We popped up there and checked it out for ourselves. The rearrangement actually works better than the way we had it before, so it's an ill wind and all that. The damage to the side of the top cupboard, some of the melamine facing showing rippling, isn't too bad but obviously couldn't have been left to get worse.

Just as we were all packing up, it was discovered that the dustpan and brush had disappeared, again. As it was now gone two o'clock and the next tenants were due in at three, we dashed over to Still Waters where, fortunately, they had a dustpan and brush in attractive shades of pink. That's been put in the lodge, but why on earth do the tenants keep walking off with the cheap dustpans?

Very odd.

It's been a time to relax since, though I have improved the shining hour still further by getting back into baking bread. Some rolls are proving as I type this and should do us for tomorrow and the day after.

If this weather holds, I'll treat the rust on the starboard side hatch tomorrow and Wednesday. After that, there are various areas of varnish which will benefit from rubbing down and recoating.

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