Sunday, 14 June 2015

Quietly recovering

It got so cold last evening that we had to light the fire in the end. I'd run the Hurricane for a bit earlier so as to have hot water and warmth in the back of the boat, but there's nothing like the real fire in the Squirrel to drive the damp clamminess out of the saloon. The Hurricane did one of its "shall I start or not" double start ups for the second burn, having had a very long first one. I wonder if it's overheating a bit sometimes.

Although we were pretty tired by the events of yesterday, we'd not had a lot of physical exercise, so it wasn't a brillant night's sleep. Fortunately, we had no reason to leap out of bed this morning and indeed have had a generally peaceful day. Sheila went on the WeBS walk at ten and I pottered about in the boat before taking a brisk walk myself.

After a relaxed lunch, Sheila's been doing the accounts whilst I loafed about mainly. I did go out again to buy distilled water, the last battery top up session having left the stock a bit low. We've finished the WiFi data we got from the office, 1.28 Gb in four days, so we're back to using the 3 connection via the iPhone. It's not been bad, to be fair.

The iPhone has its plus points and its own drawbacks, I find. The data flows a bit faster, as occasionally the iPhone makes a 4G connection, and it remembers that the hotspot is turned on after the phone's been off. Under Android, every time the phone had been off, there was a sequence of four screens to work through to turn the hotspot back on. The iPhone only needs a visit to the Settings page and so to the personal hotspot page if it needs turning on, but as I say, most of the time it remembers for itself.

On the other hand, its battery life is nothing like as good and if it doesn't have an active connection to the hotspot, it disconnects and has to be woken up. All this persuades me that once the 3 contract has expired, it will make sense to use giffgaff when cruising, buying a goodybag with the right amount of data each month, and to use the marina WiFi in the winter.

Finally, I've been the target of a fellow blogger's sense of humour: click here. I guess it's fame of a sort...




KevinTOO said...
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KevinTOO said...

To quote Kenneth Williams, and no I can't impersonate him...

In for me, in for me, they've all got it in for me!

Carry on Boating would have made such a good film... LOL

Mike Todd said...

You should be able to pull down from the top bar in Android to gain immediate access to settings where the hotspot can be enabled. We too used to go the long way until I stumbled across the short way!