Monday, 1 June 2015

On we go

Today's weather was forecast to be an OK start, turning seriously grotty later. We wanted to get a pump out and diesel at Boot Wharf, so set off just after half seven. In the event, we took a bit longer than usual for this section, being held up first by a short privateer, who however stopped by where the Navigation Inn used to be at Bedworth, and then by a very slow moving ABC hireboat.

We weren't in a desperate rush, so apart from the mild frustration of not being able to take advantage of the deeper water between Suttons and Bedworth it wasn't a big deal. Arriving at Boot just after half nine, we were expeditiously dealt with (72 ppl and any declaration) and on our way by ten. Sheila took over the steering and I started another washload running.

By a quarter to twelve we were approaching Hartshill in a rising wind and with rain threatening, so decided to call it a day. We'd no sooner tied on the towpath beyond the official visitor moorings, well away from the road bridge, than it did indeed start to precipitate. Since then it's been very windy; we've had to move the broom and the spare boat hook down off the roof into the well deck to stop them blowing away. Sally's water bowl was already in the well deck and startlingly suddenly rolled around it. It's been stowed in the bow locker.

So it's been an afternoon for browsing the internet, spending money and catching up with crosswords. I've carried out our plan to buy an unlocked iPhone 5c on eBay, a factory recon unit with a new battery. When we get into Derby next week, I'll get 3 to change the SIM for a nano one and go over to using the new phone. May I never have to wrestle with Androids again!

Frustratingly, Canal World has been offline all day; it looks as if they have a major problem there. More reassuringly, CRT have confirmed via a stoppage notice that Lock 6 at Atherstone has reopened after the problems with the top gate were fixed on Saturday.

Tomorrow we'll head on down that flight, stopping to shop at Aldi as we go, and aim to finish at Alvecote. A longish day by our standards but one which pretty well gets us back into the local waters for Mercia.

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