Sunday, 31 May 2015

It's just one damp day after another...

... but the forecast is promising us warmer conditions by the end of the week, which would indeed be good. It rather depends on the current crop of depressions moving away and a bit of high pressure building from the Azores.

We shall see.

In the meantime, we've had another rather wet day's boating, though nothing like as bad as Friday. Sheila started off at seven after a bit of a lie in and with showers threatening all the time. After I'd breakfasted, I took over and we took it in turns for most of the morning. Sheila managed to run a washload and improved internet access let us catch up with various things.

It was an uneventful run to Suttons, albeit with three boats following by the time we got here, and Sheila worked her first lock since her op. Don't laugh, the Suttons Stop may only be a few inches, but the gates are just as heavy as many a deeper lock, no idea why. Despite a couple of boats appearing from the Bedworth direction I managed a reasonably smooth turn through the junction.

This afternoon has seen some routine maintenance getting done in between some serious loafing sessions. I refilled the stern greaser and checked the prop. Although the boat has been performing well, a rather suspicious shakiness of the tiller made us wonder if something hadn't quite been completely thrown off by bursts of astern, "chucking back" in the boater's jargon. Sure enough, there were the remnants of a poly bag and some twine cuddling up to the prop boss.

I'm pleased to say that the new pond gloves kept my hands and arms warm and dry whilst I was disentangling it all.

Peter Mason had suggested that it was time to change the coarse filter on the fuel agglomerator, so I lifted the stern engine board to check its part number. It's a CAV type cartridge, the 296 which I gather is one of the commonest in use. Midland Chandlers have them, but they are much cheaper for better quality at ASAP Supplies, even if I did have to buy two to get over their minimum order requirement.

Well, we are talking £2.19 each ex VAT and delivery...



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