Friday, 12 June 2015

Quiet day

The bruising on Sheila's leg from the embrace of the fender line continues to give her some grief; the superficial stuff is clearing away, but it's apparent that the rope gave her a deeper hematoma that's only just working its way out. Accordingly, she's spent the day in and around the boat with her leg propped up as far as possible.

This was quite handy in its way, as the first thing I did after breakfast was to mask off the wood around the side hatch frame (having first recovered the bag of rolls of masking tape from the deep bow locker) and then to apply a coat of Oxford Blue to the steel I treated yesterday. It's gone on reasonably tidily, I'm pleased to say, and, of course, we needed to keep the hatch open for as long as possible.

This was great during the morning, which continued fine and sunny, but the forecast thunderstorm has been threatening all afternoon. It's got to the point where we'll be glad to see it arrive and relieve the close muggy feeling.

I put in a walk round the marina this afternoon, collecting the parcel of temperature indicator strips from the office as I went. We are very pleased with the new WiFi arrangement – the only thing is we're ripping through the 1.28 Gb allowance we set against the lodge provision, so it looks as if we may need to make a more substantial arrangement. Going back to the erratic 3 connection would be very hard.

Tomorrow, the Lincoln branch of the family is coming over for the day and we have another signing session with Peter and Katie in the afternoon. Don't be surprised if the blog is late/brief/doesn't appear at all...


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