Thursday, 11 June 2015

Relaxed but productive

It's been a fine day in several ways, starting early and then pottering to some effect. The frame of the dinette side hatch has been showing some rust where the damp gets trapped in the winter, so after breakfast I rubbed down the offending sections and applied a coat of Owatrol. It's particularly effective in this sort of situation, being both penetrating and rust inhibiting. I also put some on the hinges, which can't be kept painted where the parts rub over each other in operation. It needs 24 hours to go off, so the hatch has been propped open most of the day.

We've had a couple of walks round the marina, the first in the morning whilst a washload tumbled and the second after lunch. It was fine enough to justify stopping outside the shop for ice creams.

Sheila has placed her order for the new patio furniture and got a call from them to arrange delivery a week tomorrow. We've asked the office to warn the tenant who'll be in then that we'll be turning up to install it all. All we need now is to find someone who wants the old table and parasol. Tony in the office has taken first refusal subject to the consent of his other half.

Elanor didn't make it again last night. It looks like the roadworks between Willington and the Toyota roundabout are causing traffic to back up getting on and off the A38. Sally had to be content with a run on the Washlands yesterday. Elanor plans to have another go tonight, here's hoping.

Tomorrow, I should get the paint on the side hatch frame, taking advantage of the last fine day for a few days.


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