Sunday, 7 June 2015

Settling back in

After a well earned night's kip, we've had a busy sort of day catching up with routine chores. Much washing has been done, the bed changed, some of the post sorted out. Sheila did her winter to summer clothes change at last and was quite draconian with weeding out unused or no longer suitable clothes. We also took a dressing table mirror up to the lodge and installed it in the twin bedroom. A wheelchair using guest had pointed out that none of the other mirrors are quite low enough for someone seated in front of them.

We've had a couple of walks round the marina; it was warm enough to justify ice creams in front of Still Waters this afternoon. There was a goodly crowd of visitors, too, and a couple of couples looking round the moorings.

There's a bit of a problem with condensation in the corner of the long term storage under the dinette. We've bought a calcium chloride type damp trap from the shop and popped it in there. We'll leave it there for a week then use some of the budget carpet tiles to cover the hullside and stop more mildew from forming.

I posted a query to Canal World about the batteries. General opinion is that the rising charge current could well be a result of excess heat in the bank; the question now is what to do to ameliorate it. Since it only occurs after very long runs, if the batteries prove to be still in good nick when I check them with the hydrometer then no action may be required. If there are signs of deterioration, we may have to find ways of improving ventilation round them, or removing spray foam from under them so that they get some cooling from the hull which is underwater below them.

When I've posted this, I'll do a final update to the Ocado order for Tuesday, since we'll be in Derby for most of the day tomorrow and unlikely to want to faff around with it when we get back.


KevinTOO said...

Very sadly it looks like there is going to be a fair few people upset by the news today regarding the failure of Shakespeare @ Mercia :(

Bruce in Sanity said...

Yes, not a good event. There's a few folk around here out of work and owed money.

I suspect the time share business model doesn't work anything like as well as it used to.