Monday, 8 June 2015

Into Derby again

We woke early but had a quite lazy start, as we didn't need to be off the boat before ten. Sheila got a washload running and we did a bit of pottering before setting off. Things went smoothly when we got there; shopping was done and we walked up to the London Road Community Hospital where Sheila was seen pretty promptly.

This was an interesting session for both parties as the physio had never seen a toe joint replacement before, the op not having been available on the NHS until this trial started. He confirmed that the exercises she's been doing are what's needed, so it's a case of carry on as you were. They discussed whether she needed to be followed up, but the conclusion was no, in the end. If a problem does arise, she can always be referred back by the GP.

We hopped on the bus back to the Intu centre and indulged ourselves with excellent Thai noodles for lunch. Some shopping at Sainsbury's and a look at waterproofs on a stall in the Eagle Market completed our business. We had half an hour to wait in the bus station before the V3 took us home.

Once there, it was a case of unloading the goodies, setting the washload to tumble and going round to the office where my new-to-me iPhone was waiting. I've had a quick play and all seems to be well; we'll need to go back into Derby later to get my 3 sim swapped for the nano version to use in the new phone.

We needed to pop into the lodge to sort a couple of things; the ironing board cover has died, for example, and needs replacing. It's been a case of sitting down quietly since, a strategy that we plan to pursue into the evening.

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