Sunday, 19 July 2015

Across the summit

It's been another good day, albeit very wet at times. After raining during the night, the sky still looked loaded with potential precipitation when we were ready to start at around half seven, so we got kitted up in our coveralls. The rain held off for quite a time, long enough to get to Compton and tie on the deserted moorings. On the way, we'd crossed at a lock with a privateer who told Sheila that they'd been alone at Compton last night.

A trip to the Sainsbury's Local enabled us to do some restocking of perishables before ascending the last lock onto the summit. Shortly after that the rain began in earnest, fairly hammering down. I'm pleased to say that the coveralls kept me entirely dry whilst Sheila retreated inside. There was a bit of traffic about at Aldersley and Autherley Junctions and we passed a few boats between there and the Rockin' at Pendeford.

Sheila hopped ashore to walk through and give me advanced warning of approaching boats. In the event, the only one we met was just about to enter the northern end and she persuaded the skipper, with a bit of difficulty, that he'd be better waiting until Sanity Again had emerged rather than trying to use one of the overgrown passing places in the cutting.

After that, the sun came out and life got warmer. We'd just managed to drink a cup of coffee when the Fox and Anchor at Coven hove into view. Once more, no problem getting moored; there are only one or two other boats here. It's been nice enough to sit out in the well deck for much of the afternoon, exchanging greetings with local folk strolling along the towpath, mostly with small kids or dogs.

Given that it's Sunday, we've not seen much evidence of diners from the pub either working up an appetite or walking off their dinner. The last time a Braidbar owner ate there they weren't very impressed by either the food or the service – it used to be a popular venue, I thought.

Tomorrow, the plan is to go onto Gailey and eat at the Spread Eagle that night in celebration of our wedding anniversary the next day. The Spread doesn't yet have an entry in the BOG Pub Guide, so this is a bit of selfless dedication on our part. ;)

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