Monday, 20 July 2015

Gailey again

No, no more jokes after last time, I promise. It's been quite a relaxed day for me as it was Sheila's turn to steer and we had, we reckoned, about two hours boating to do. Setting off just before eight, we chugged our way along the summit. It's quite curvaceous, of course, so I did a fair amount of time acting as look out. The only potentially tricky encounter was towards the end at Hatherton Junction, where a boat which undoubtedly had right of way through the junction bridge panicked at the sight of Sanity Again approaching and reversed out of the way to let us through.

There were a fair few moored boats, too, so Sheila was in tickover quite a lot of the time. We arrived at Gailey just before ten and stopped on the water point for half an hour or so. One or two boats came by whilst we were filling the tank, then it was our turn to descend the lock. Sheila still makes me do the final approach to our overnight mooring. This is not because of any lack of competence on her part, far from it, but is a hang over from an incident many years ago which I'm not going to reopen here.

We'll have been married 44 years tomorrow and I know when to keep the lip buttoned (mostly, says Sheila ;)) )

As a result, I steered through the one lock we worked today and we tied on the visitor moorings below. Again, loads of room here, though a couple of boats have joined us since. Pat and Phil on Arcturus, Braidbar 89, came past just after lunch, but only paused for a chat as they wanted to make Penkridge today.

I'll report on the Spread Eagle tomorrow, hopefully...


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Jo said...

44 years!! That deserves a VERY good glass of wine. We'll celebrate when you get back. And thanks for the Chicken Gumbo recipe.