Sunday, 12 July 2015

Brief boating but wet

I'm pleased to say that we had a much better night last night, although it became apparent that our choice of mooring left something to be desired, as it was right under a tree which dripped for a long time between rain showers, of which there were many. It was still wet on and off by the time we'd breakfasted, discouraging thoughts of cruising away.

Instead, we carried out a cunning plan to lock down into the basin to get water, wind and then lock back up again in the hope of finding a better slot on the visitor moorings. This largely went to plan, though the rain returned with such a vengeance – achieving monsoon proportions for a time, we could have been in Swansea – that I went below whilst the boat was in the lock and put on the new coveralls. It was too late for Sheila who had chosen to lockwheel. She had on a waterproof jacket but her shorts and legs were soaked.

Once in the basin we had to wait for 30 minutes or so for the water point to be free, using the time to dump rubbish and to make a cup of coffee. After the boat before us had set off, we pulled back and started filling the tank. It's by no means the fastest water point on the system, about the same pressure as the one at Poynton, I'd say. It took another 30 minutes to get the level up from below a quarter to just above three quarters of a tank. The guy off the boat before reckoned that the one at Kinver is much better, so this will do us until then.

The rain had largely stopped and the accompanying squally wind with it had died away, much to my relief. I winded Sanity Again by putting her bow into the channel leading to the barge locks and swinging the stern round. Up York Street lock we went again to find that there was now a nice slot in the first length of visitor mooring, not under trees and a better distance from the Black Star pub. The space was just 70 feet long and I managed to fit the boat in there without touching either of the adjoining boats. Result!

We've had a quiet day since, entertained by the overheard comments of the gongoozlers wandering past. We did have a foray into the handy Lidl, not needing anything in particular but still managing to get an assortment of treats. As the forecast is for more rain tomorrow, we may well sit tight for another day – it's a five day mooring and we've a couple of weeks in hand for the trip back to Mercia.

Finally, my thanks to GreyGal, Graham the CI engineer and, of course, to Jo. It really is nice to know my efforts are appreciated ;)

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