Monday, 13 July 2015

A bit of catching up

Our decision to stay put today was well justified by the rain which fell during the morning and over lunchtime. Although it meant we were able to have a pretty relaxed start, we didn't squander the time. Sheila had some banking stuff to do and I got on with a task that had occurred to me the other day when doing some entries in the Pub Guide. It's now 147 pages long and, inevitably, had the odd typo here and there, empty rows in the tables, a failure to delete some of the anchor statements for the ratings (such as 1= awful, 5= best ever) and so on.

So, having fired up both the Mac Mini and the engine – we had so much stuff on charge at one time that we were pulling over 10 amps from the batteries – I went through the whole shebang and tidied it up.

Once we'd both finished our computer chores and had had a refreshing cup of coffee, we set to to give the boat a decent sweep through. She tends to get a bit scruffy when we're doing serious cruising so it's good to take an opportunity like today to get her shipshape once more.

Once we'd done, there was just nice time to bake some part bake rolls for lunch. After that repast and some quiet time, I made a batch of bread dough and we went shopping once again. First off, we went down to Limekiln Chandlery and bought a pump out card to use at Kinver. I do have one left from some time ago, but there's always the risk that it won't work after a long delay in applying it. Another trip to Lidl allowed us to to restock to such an extent that we won't need to call at Sainsbury's on the way back through Kidder.

I don't know if it's always the case, but this Lidl seems more pleasant to use than the Aldis we're used to, with wider aisles and a cleaner atmosphere. It's pleasant to buy unusual bits and pieces too, a virtue of using a strange supermarket.

Back at the boat, the goodies were stowed, cups of tea were made and the dough converted into a loaf for proving. It should be about ready to bake when I've done this blog.

Tomorrow, a prompt start and back to Wolverley, methinks.

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Jo said...

All right for some, keeping cosy in a boat while the rain fell. Some of us were working a particular lock all morning. And it rained there too! But it was fun as always and you do meet a nice class of person when it comes to boaters, don't you!