Thursday, 2 July 2015

Cooler but still dramatic

The answers to yesterday's questions were 1) Irving Berlin and 2) Cole Porter. Heatwave was originally written for the musical As Thousands Cheer but became a standard and used in a number of films, notably There's No Business Like Showbusiness where it's sung by Marilyn Monroe. A snippet even appears at the start of White Christmas, sung by Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Too Darn Hot comes from Kiss Me Kate.

So, what do There's No Business Like Showbusiness and White Christmas have in common?

And now for the rest of the news...

We had a good morning's boating despite the shallow state of the Staffs and Worcs at the moment. There was one incident of inconsiderate behaviour, though we didn't allow it to spoil the day for us. Just short of Stafford BC, we got stemmed up trying to pass a boat coming the other way. A drainage outfall had left a bar of silt across the channel and both boats ran aground. As Sheila was grappling with getting us off, the boat which had been following for some time, catching up past moored boats but falling behind on the clear stretches (it's called having a one position throttle), decided he was too important to be held up and pushed through between the two stranded boats.

This naturally made the situation that much worse as we were pushed further towards the towpath and hence more firmly aground. The crew genuinely didn't seem to understand why we were narked with them. As another boat was approaching from in front, both stranded boats just sat tight until the traffic had passed and then extricated themselves.

We took care not to rush on afterwards, so that there was no risk of having to help Mr and Mrs Stroppy Chops up Deepmore Lock. We got there at about 11 and have tied just above on one of our favourite out of town spots, very peaceful but with a good 3 signal. The Voda one isn't so hot, but it's only for one night.

It's been a quiet afternoon with rain from time to time but it's been much cooler in general all day. A certain amount of siesta has been taken and I've started work on a load of entries for the BOG Pub Guide that have recently come in. We've just had a fairly fierce squall and have had to close up, making it a bit stuffy again, but I'm still hopeful of a better night's sleep tonight.


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