Friday, 3 July 2015

Warm again at Penkridge

We had a nice cool night at Deepmore and weren't in a rush to get going this morning, with only a short run to Penkridge in prospect. It was a classic summer's morn:

Setting off at eight, we made short work of the run through Acton Trussell, up Shutt Hill, Park Gate and Longford locks to our usual mooring on the towpath a bit below Penkridge lock. There was just a nice amount of traffic about once more and no trouble finding a mooring here at ten, though they've filled up a bit since. After a pause for much needed coffee, we walked down into the village and did a bit of shopping in the Co-op. It's not as well stocked as some, but still perfectly adequate to our needs for perishables. Not much choice of tomatoes, though.

Back at the boat we've lurked inside for most of the day, both before and after lunch. It's turned very warm again, quite debilitating, with heavy rain forecast for overnight so it looks as if we shall have to endure being all shut in. We've got all the hatches and slides open to try and keep the temperature as low as we can.

Tomorrow, on to Gailey having first topped up the water tank above the lock here.


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