Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Here we are again

We were up and about by half six so got away not long after seven. Apart from Dancing with Dragons heading for Shobnall Marina for some work, we didn't see another boat moving until we were nearly at Willington, though the weather was quite reasonable. As we got near the marina, a number of boats from there passed us in the opposite direction, including Peter and Janet on their Sanity.

I managed the turn into the marina arm without too much trouble, then hovered whilst Dolce Far Niente left the service wharf. We only wanted diesel, so I popped onto the front wharf; had we wanted to pump out, I'd have needed to put her up the side so as to get the pump out outlet in the right place. We'd not refueled since Boot Wharf, Nuneaton, on our way back from Crick, and the tank was quite low. In fact, we got 150 litres in there, meaning that we had had 70 left.

It's no bad thing to run the tank well down from time to time, so that the fuel is kept reasonably fresh.

Having had almost no wind all morning, it came up with a vengeance now, making the entry to the pontoon quite difficult. Indeed, I messed it up completely at the first attempt, bumped Inkling's stern and had to reverse back out to try again.

This time it went much better and we are now all snug again. There's less wind too, naturally. We've had a walk round the marina this afternoon, noting that the groundwork has been done for the next three lodges and some prep done for the fourth, Graham and Chrissie's. I have taken some photos but they probably aren't of sufficient interest to be worth putting up here.

Apart from anything else, we're managing on the feeble 3 signal this week and so things are quite slow to upload. We'll now have a few quiet days in. Sheila is catching up with the laundry and hopefully I'll get some varnishing done on the sun tired areas. Assuming my eye appointment goes off OK, we should get away again on Friday week, when we'll set off for Poynton and the Braidbar Owners' Weekend.


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Jo said...

Welcome!!! I'm out tomorrow morning but will call by in the afternoon. Look forward to seeing you - if you're there!