Thursday, 30 July 2015

Busy day back

Sheila has been particularly busy today getting up to date with the laundry but I've not been totally idle either. That's not to say that there hasn't been time for reading the Indy and doing the crossword, of course, but I have also done the battery maintenance that was due.

I've temporarily sorted the problem of a leaking valve in the watering system by taking the water feed to the next one along. Fortunately, the problem is on the most accessible battery, so I can top that one up manually for the time being until I can discuss it with Peter at Braidbar. I also checked the SG of all the cells in that battery, the one that suffers most from overheating. I'm pleased to say that the values were within the .005 range, just, so all is well there.

I even opened the cells on the start battery and gave them a bit of water – they weren't desperate but it's as well to keep an eye on that block, which tends to get forgotten as it gives so little trouble. Until the day the engine won't start, of course.

After lunch, we took a walk round the marina, having already done some shopping in the morning, three kinds of bread flour from the Farm Shop and cheesy topped baps from Still Waters. I also ordered a bag of Signal against the need to light the fire again this summer.

We finished the walk with an ice cream from Still Waters, the weather having improved since the morning when the wind had been very cold once more. Tonight, Elanor and Sally are coming round, hopefully bringing cheap chicken again. Tomorrow, an Ocado delivery...

Be still, my beating heart!


Bungle said...

If your chickens are going cheep, they are still a bit rare for eating.... Sorry, I'll get my coat....

Bruce in Sanity said...

Nah, it's when your turkeys are going cheep you have to worry!

Take care