Tuesday, 14 July 2015

On our way back

Although not as bad as yesterday, it's rained on and off for much of today. We got kitted up in the coveralls not long after setting off this morning, Sheila steering and myself locking. The rain was that fine, persistent penetrating stuff, but didn't manage to get through the waterproofs. I was able to get a wash load started and the breakfast washing up done on the way.

We've tied below the lock this time – the 3 signal is about adequate, though a bit variable. None of the other mobile devices have anything at all. We had hoped to get out for an ice cream at the tea room this afternoon, but we're not British enough to sit eating ice cream in the rain.

There's been a fair bit of traffic past, mostly hire boats from Brookline at Dunhampton on the Worcs and Birmingham and Black Prince, presumably from Stoke on the same canal. Starline boats from Stourport all set off yesterday so are mostly somewhere ahead of us.

The canal is very shallow in places with Sanity Again grounding once or twice, the last time on her way into Wolverley Court Lock. Hopefully the new dredging initiative by CRT will see some improvement. Tomorrow, on to Kinver.


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Bruce

As a matter of interest, what does SA draw when she's fully tanked up? With Henry seemingly intent on being intimately acquainted with all canal bottoms, I'm always keen to identify particularly shallow stretches. Forewarned is fore-worried!



Bruce in Sanity said...


With all tanks full, about 28" at the skeg but we're a bit low ATM, less than half a tank of diesel and the same for water. Only the toilet tank is quite full, so we're hoping the CRT pump out at Kinver is working. I'd guess we're drawing about 26" just now.



Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Thanks, Bruce. That's good for a 70 footer, I thought you might be a bit deeper than that, don't know why. Think Henry might be giving the bed a new profile at this rate :-)