Tuesday, 7 July 2015

On to Compton

I'm typing this post on the right day, but won't be able to post it until tomorrow, as Compton remains a "not-spot" with virtually no mobile signals at all. Looking back on my entry for the last time we were here in 2008, I discover that it was the same then. More of this later.

The forecast being for early sunshine and later rain, we made a prompt start from Coven and Sheila had a good run in pleasant if cool weather whilst I did look out in the bow, there being a goodly collection of blind bridgeholes. We were followed by a boat which had set off just after we passed them, with the lady of the crew riding ahead accompanied by the ship's dog.

This was very handy as she rode right through the Pendeford Rockin' and came back to tell us that no boat was approaching from the other side. Autherley Junction came and went as did Oxley Marine. There's work on a pipe bridge going on just beyond, with the canal reduced to a bare seven foot. An occasional boat passed us in the opposite direction as the morning grew older.

Finally Compton Lock showed up – the short visitor moorings above were occupied so we locked down. There are a couple more moorings between the lock tail bridge and the road bridge but the only space left there was about ten foot short. Fortunately, Compton is well provided with visitor moorings and we had no trouble getting one beyond the road bridge. The first rain shower occurred as we were tying.

After coffee, we took a walk into the village to discover the welcome sight of a Sainsbury's Local handily by the first road junction. Various bits of shopping were undertaken, though the stock of beer and wine was very limited. Back at the boat it came on to rain in earnest, confining us inside the cabin until after lunch.

A subsequent trip found the old Spar to be still there as is a well stocked off licence where we could get some beer and a few bottles of wine for the cellar.

Compton is a handy stop, it's just a shame that the inhabitants don't get better service from the mobile phone providers. Even in the main street, the phones only found a whisper of signal, just enough to check email on the iPhone. We'll head off towards the Bratch tomorrow, planning to tie above the locks again.


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