Sunday, 5 July 2015

On to Coven

It's reckoned that the best bits of the Staffs and Worcs are south of Autherley Junction, but the bit from Gailey to Coven is pretty good too, once you are past Four Ashes chemical works. They've obviously had another health and safety assessment since we were last through (I think they've been taken over, in fact) as there are now signs saying "No Mooring, No Stopping" on that stretch. They aren't CRT signs, so probably have no validity – in fact they are a bloody cheek – but who would want to stop there in the reek of cooking phenols anyway?

Mind you, if my engine alarm went off as I was passing, I would stop anyway, and be blowed to the signs.

As I say, once past there the canal becomes very rural for the most part and very curvaceous as well, making it an interesting challenge for the steerer. We made it to Coven just after ten. Boats were still leaving the visitor moorings by the Fox and Anchor but we had no problem getting a nice position on the end, before the tree cover becomes too intrusive.

Having tied, we walked into the village, crossing the A449 on the way, and did some top up shopping in the little Co-op there. Since then, we've been lurking on the boat, pottering about on a mixed day of sunshine and showers. I'm making some more tomato and garlic bread for tomorrow and the next day and we've been reminding ourselves of the route to Stourport with the invaluable aid of the Pearson's guide to the Stourport Ring.

Tomorrow, on to Compton, then probably to just above the Bratch on Tuesday.


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