Monday, 3 August 2015

A day of mixed pleasures

It's been an entertaining day in several ways and looks like continuing to be so tonight. We had another lazy start and a walk round the marina after breakfast, dumping some recycling as we went. Ever since the Avante hire fleet left the marina, their two floating accomodation units have still been hanging around what is now Egret pontoon. They were scheduled to be craned out over the weekend, but it all got deferred to today.

When we got there, the crane and trombo had arrived and were getting set up. We stopped and had a natter with some folk who were watching this from the safety of Block 1 and then carried on to the shop for milk. There was a bit of a view from outside the shop, so we hung around there for a while, chatting to Grahame and gongoozling. We had a text exchange with Jo, offering to take some photos for the newsletter, which offer she gratefully accepted.

So we nipped back to the boat to put the milk away and load up with all the cameras, still and video, and then went and took up a position by the end of the New and Used pontoon from whence we had a good view of proceedings. A lot of photos were taken; here's a couple to give a flavour:

Richard and Bob helping with the strop, they are good at strops
Swinging cabin
Once the first unit was loaded on the trombo, we ambled back to the boat for coffee and to sort out what we'd got. Once that was done, it was lunchtime.

This afternoon, I've done an oil and filter change on the engine. It was just about due and it's easier to do it here than wait until we're out and about again. In addition, although it's been quite breezy, it's a warm wind and not unpleasant. I took the opportunity to give the engine room a bit of a clean and tidy, too.

Tonight, we have the pleasure of dining with Peter and Melanie on Inkling next door, so we are indeed having a diamond day.




Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce where have Avanti moved there boats too


Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Norwyn

They've all gone to Redhill at the foot of the Soar, but I don't think that they are operational there.