Sunday, 2 August 2015

Boats come and go while we get on

With no pressing business this morning, we treated ourselves to a serious lie-in; I didn't make the first thing tea until eight o'clock. We had two items on the schedule, a visit to the Craft and Food Market and the varnishing. In addition, I planned to make some bread this afternoon. I'm pleased to say that all three were achieved.

It had been quite damp overnight but now was dry, so we left the Houdinis open on their corks and took a stroll round to the market at ten. There was the usual collection of stalls – we confined ourselves to buying a loaf of sourdough bread for lunch. On the way back up the Boardwalk, we popped into the Farm Shop and bought two "Chieftain" Scotch eggs to have with salad tonight. These are made with a haggis sausage meat, yum.

After coffee, we turned to and got on with the varnishing. Areas of sun damaged varnish were rubbed down and tacky ragged – around the stern doors, the Houdinis, the prisms and the port side hatches. In addition, Sheila rubbed down some slats on one of the airing cupboard shelves which had blackened. The shelves are removable, so she was able to do this out in the open.

I then varnished all the prepped areas and we left them to dry. The weather by now was ideal for the purpose, being sunny with a gentle breeze. Lunch was followed by a period of quiet relaxation. When I woke up, I made a batch of bread dough – mixed tomato, garlic and onion. Finally, we had a walk right round the marina and stopped for an ice cream at Still Waters.

There have been lots of boats on the move, many setting off and a few returning. It is, of course, the top of the season now. The car parks were pretty full, including the new parking areas. Grahame in Still Waters told us that, although the market takes some of their custom, it draws in so many more visitors that on balance they gain from the situation.

Tomorrow, there's nothing special in view, though I may well do an oil change that's just about due.


Paula Kelly-Ince said...

I'm delighted to have found your blog. I've long had a longing to live aboard a narrow boat - and now there's the option of me doing that vicariously through your blog. Cheers for that. Looking forward to hearing more.



Bruce in Sanity said...

Welcome to the crew, Paula!

We might be a bit odd, but we're friendly ;)

All the best