Thursday, 27 August 2015

A successful shuffle and a bit more gardening

The first task this morning was to shuffle some boats around and for us to get a pump out, all without losing our mooring spaces on the Deeps. First off, Martin went and fetched Freedom from her place on the Victoria Pit moorings. As he approached the bridge, we started Sanity Again and pushed her out so that Freedom could take her place. I then moved Sanity Again onto the Trading Post mooring and Nigel pumped her out.

Once that was done, Martin started Tiree on her temporary mooring on the Deeps and I reversed Sanity Again back into that space. Martin took Tiree through to put in the yard, with a slight hiatus as Peter had decided to move Gladderbrook out and onto Freedom's place on Victoria Pit. Tiree then went where Gladderbrook had been. (Tiree is the hire boat and needs a wash before going on hire tomorrow afternoon.) As it turned out, Gladderbrook was too deep for Freedom's space and had to go on Priscilla II's instead. Since Priscilla II is due back on Monday, this may be a problem, but one we'll face tomorrow.

Martin's own boat, Ice Breaker, is due to come out of the paint shed tomorrow and may well go onto Tiree's proper space near the Trading Post. There's a shell waiting to be fitted out on there at the moment, but that can be moved onto a vacant space further up. If this all seems very confusing, you should hear the discussions that lead up to these plans.

After all this was done, we had a coffee/hot chocolate at the Trading Post and then got stuck into a bit more gardening. At ten past eleven, we went into the bungalow and had a Skype interview with Abi from the TV company. This went fine for the first 15 minutes, but after that the connection kept failing so we had to give it up. Abi called me on the mobile to confirm that she had enough stuff for her immediate purposes, preparing something to show the commissioner on Tuesday.

More gardening took us up to lunchtime, spraying weeds, mostly. After lunch, we did a final session of tidying up and trimming. There may be one or two little bits to do yet, but the bulk of the garden is sorted.

Tomorrow, I'll bake again (multiseed and oats) and we'll take some recycling to the tip.

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