Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Gardening leave

Several bushes have had their annual haircut and the areas of bed beneath them tidied up. We've filled three dustbins and two gardening skips with the result and the environs of the yard are starting to look better for it.

I've had a long chat with Abi from the TV production company about the documentary about life on the cut that they are hoping to make. She's planning to interview me over Skype tomorrow in order to have some video of my performance. We'll just have to wait and see what transpires; the show hasn't been definitely commissioned yet, so I'm controlling my excitement without too much difficulty.

I think the only other activity of note was baking another batch of onion and herb bread rolls. I made a full amount of dough and divided it into 10 buns so as to have a couple to give to Peter and Susan. They seemed to be appreciated. Tonight's meal will be veal stew, the next job for me after posting this so that it has plenty of time to simmer.

Tomorrow, we need a pump out and will take the opportunity to do a bit of boat shuffling at the same time, with Martin's invaluable assistance.

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