Friday, 21 August 2015

Blimey, it's Bollington

A lazy start this morning, as we only had a couple of hours to boat to Bollington, where they've sorted the broken down towpath wall by the Adelphi Mill and reinstated the visitor moorings there. Setting off at half seven we got to the Swetenham Street CRT yard and water point a bit after eight. Having started the tank filling, I got the washing machine going as well, the water having heated up enough to make it worthwhile.

Sheila then steered all the way to Bollington in a steadily increasing wind. It was just starting to get troublesome when we got here – we've since had to move the plant troughs off the roof into the well deck to stop them from blowing over. The tall side of the mill exacerbates the situation, of course.

I took some photos of the swanky new VMs in Macc:

They are limited to 3 days stay, an unusual length which makes one wonder what the reason was for them.

After lunch, we walked down into the village to visit the Co-op and a butcher (Bollington has three). The Co-op has moved up the road a ways and is now much bigger. It even has self check out tills, would you believe, the first time we've seen them in a Co-op, I reckon.

We're going to stop here tomorrow, partly because it's forecast to rain, partly because we don't want to get to Poynton before Monday and partly because it's a different place to meet up with Sheila's brother and sister-in-law for lunch. We plan to try out The Vale, which has an interesting review in the BOG Pub Guide. I'll let you know what we thought of it in due course...



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