Saturday, 22 August 2015

Just a quickie

It's been a good day, but very busy, so just a quick catch up now, proper blog tomorrow. With the wind forecast for 20 mph gusting to 40 tomorrow, we needed to stay put. It's a 2 day mooring at Adelphi Mill and we didn't want to boat this afternoon after being in the pub at lunchtime. So we've just moved on out of Bollington onto the towpath. It's shallow and we've had to deploy the plank for the first time in ages.

The Vale was a brilliant pub, excellent beer and food, especially the pies. We've had a good old family gossip with Peter and Jan. As I say, we'll stay put for the next day, then on to Poynton on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce the Vale inn is owned by friends of ours, they also own the Cask Tavern in Poynton


Bruce in Sanity said...


So I saw from the beer mats, good oh. It was the best pub we've been in for a long time, and I shall be upgrading its rating to five stars on the BOG Pub Guide.