Thursday, 6 August 2015

Could be better, could be worse

Peter from Inkling very kindly gave us a lift into the Royal Derby this morning, saving us a load of hassle with either the nine-thirty bus or getting a taxi. The Eye Clinic was very busy but I was seen reasonably on time. My pressures had not been improved by the last dose of laser but aren't desperately high. The choice is to watch and wait, which would mean using the drops still and being seen very regularly in clinic, or having the surgery which should effect a permanent cure.

I'm going to wait three months before making up my mind about it. My eyes are standing up to the raised pressure well, but I have chronically inflamed conjunctivas from all the drops. We'll take ourselves off to the Owners' Weekend, come back in early October and think about it. My next appointment should be in November, so there's plenty of time to ponder.

Meanwhile, we treated ourselves to a meal in Wagamama, making three excellent meals in one week. Some shopping was done and we managed to get the 1.00 bus back.

As I say, last night's meal was brilliant as was the company, of course. We had a good old roam around a lot of subjects in the course of three very pleasant hours indeed. Tonight, Elanor and Sally for the last time for a bit, then off out of it tomorrow on what is forecast to be a very pleasant day for boating.

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