Wednesday, 5 August 2015

More mixed weather

We've had another peaceful and productive day here in the marina, cheered by the thought of escaping soon. After a relaxed start, again, we ambled down to the village, mainly for the exercise, but we also took the opportunity to post a couple of business letters and to pop into the Co-op where Dave was working behind the till. We bought what turned out to be a seriously nice loaf of "Mediterranean" bread, a crusty bloomer with herbs, dried tomato and olive bits within. (We ate the lot for lunch.)

Getting that sort of bread makes a nice challenge for me; I'm still working out how to duplicate their other favourite which features pumpkin seeds and bits of Red Leicester cheese.

We were back at the boat in time for coffee and a bit of loafing about until lunch, as a result of which I'd finished not only the paper but also the crossword before it was time to eat. The weather, which until then had been quite pleasant, now started to rain so we had to wait a while before we could take our second walk round the marina, ending with a visit to the office.

Here we collected a parcel containing socks. Sheila had bought some really nice Sock Shop socks with "gentle grip" tops at Crick and then some more by post before we left for Stourport. As I'm not supposed to use socks that compress my feet or lower legs, I got some for myself, ordering them as we headed back to Mercia. These are really good too, so I've bought four more pairs so as to have enough for a week's supply.

Tonight we're off out again, to eat with Jo and Wynne at Oak Lodge, a very happy thought, then tomorrow, Peter from Inkling is giving us a lift into the Royal Derby for my eye appointment. We'll lunch in town and do another burst of retail therapy before coming back on the bus. Hopefully I'll still be fit to blog after that...

Then, Friday it's off and away for the Macc and Poynton. We'll not leave there until late September as we're having the roof repainted in Cargo Grey. We should be back in Mercia in early October.


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Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Early October? We may be passing along the T&M then so you never know, this may be our moment! Nice to have you back out again. Nothing against marina life but I like my correspondent out and about :-)

Happy cruising