Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Settling down to work

These posts risk being a bit mundane for the next few days, I fear, but I'll keep on posting anyway...

The main events of today were getting some gardening done, including mowing the lawn and making a start on tidying up beds and trimming the shrubs, and receiving the Ocado delivery, which just made it inside the one hour timeslot. By the time we'd put it all away, it was nearly lunchtime.

In the afternoon, the rain came and went in unpredictable fashion, so we started with a meeting with Peter to look at the boats that are coming and make the first draft of a mooring plan. This was reassuring in the most important respect, namely that we've reserved enough space on the Deeps for all the boats that we're expecting...

The rain had now cleared sufficiently to let us at least finish trimming the bush we'd been working on before lunch. Just as we finished, it started mizzling down again, so we knocked off, stowed the tools and then went and had a cup of tea and a well earned slice of flapjack at the Trading Post whilst chatting to Martin.

I'm not sure what tomorrow holds, a lot depends on how the weather turns out. I'm pleased to report that Sheila finally extracted her money from the Halifax; they even paid her a little bit extra as compensation for loss of interest and the stress of it all :) .


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Jo said...

Keep posting - it's not mundane ... I like it! Here life is full of Lodges and Houses, "To Do" lists and scampering around in between showers. So not all that different really!