Saturday, 12 September 2015

A recovery day

It certainly rained overnight and has continued for much of the day, on and off. We had a very lazy start and have spent much of the day doing bits and bobs indoors. I caught up with some outstanding email, booted the Mini and archived my email boxes, backed up the iPad and then backed up the Mini.

Sheila has run a washload and caught up with similar chores. It was cool enough just before lunch to make it worth lighting the Squirrel. Since it was the first time it's been lit since I blacked it, we needed to do it on a day when we could have the doors open to let the smokey miasma dissipate.

Apart from these jobs, the day's been given over to reading and doing puzzles and quizzes. After some internal eyelid inspection after lunch, we managed to get a walk along the towpath between showers to freshen up. We finished with tea at the Trading Post with Peter and Gill off Cala.

They plan to leave tomorrow, now, so we'll have a last drink with them on board Cala tonight. When they've gone, we'll be all that's left of all those boats which came for the Owners' Weekend.


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