Friday, 11 September 2015

Progress continues

It's been a pleasant day both weatherwise and workwise. It was a bit moist this morning, but the sun has been out for most of the day and we've had the advantage of being out in the yard rather than in the paint dock. The final bits and pieces have been done to finish off the work on the roof and we've reinstalled all the deck furniture. I made some bread for lunch, something I wasn't able to do whilst in the dock as using the gas cooker was to be avoided.

After lunch, I topped up the batteries, having got a replacement float unit from Peter for the one that had started leaking. Now that we can see what we are doing, we've done a fair bit of tidying up inside the boat, too.

This afternoon's project for Sheila was getting quotes for renewal of the lodge insurance. Jo James had put us on to a broker who could offer a better price than our current insurer, and the quote is indeed a good deal cheaper. We'll wait and see what the policy looks like, of course; Sheila was a bit surprised at one of the questions when she rang. Having given the address as Mercia Marina, she was asked "Is the lodge anywhere near a river or lake?"

Umm, it's a marina...

We'll have a quiet evening on board tonight after a merry time in the Boars Head last night. We're looking forward to a fairly relaxed weekend, though if the weather holds (and it's looking better all the time) we'll be busy recoating the cratch boards and cleaning the cratch cover. The boat shafts could do with some TLC, too.

We've been a bit anxious about the situation at Stone with the failed lock at Newcastle Road, but the latest info from CRT is that they hope to reopen it on Sunday afternoon or Monday, well before we need to go through. Mind you, there are a goodly number of boats stacked up waiting for the stoppage to end.

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