Thursday, 3 September 2015

Busy busy busy

I had a much better night's sleep last night, which was just as well as it was a non-stop day today. We started at half seven with the boat shuffle: Ice Breaker out and onto the hire boat mooring (eventually), Cala out, Sanity Again out and turn round and reverse back in, Cala reverse back in. Getting SA into the paint shed backwards proved quite tricky, not the lining up, that went ok (though the low level of the pound made the winding "interesting"), but the dock is quite shallow at the far end and she wouldn't go all the way in, no matter what we did.

We could only just fit Cala back in front of her.

After that, I joined an expedition to Waitrose for some more bits and pieces for the gumbo for tomorrow night. I'm going to add prawns and scallops to the chicken. Back at the yard we had a coffee and then the other boats started arriving. Farne, Integrity, Mr E and Bunnies Warren have all got here, making the full collection we're expecting. Sheila had to work quite hard as harbour master to keep the whole thing co-ordinated. As a result, some of the boats are even in the right places. The others will be shuffled around tomorrow afternoon.

After lunch, we put up some banners and bunting; there's a bit more to do tomorrow morning and then the yard will be ready for the Open Day. Things relaxed a bit afterwards, with much laughter and good humour over the tea break and beyond. Finally, a little more shuffling took place.

Cala has gone out onto an external mooring, the shell that will be Burnt Oak has been pushed across the yard and Integrity has come in to have a bit of work done to her in the morning.

Tonight, we all go down to the Boar's Head for the first official session of the weekend.

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