Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Carrying on the good work

We had a very pleasant session at the Boar's Head last night; it felt like the start of the Owners' Weekend already. Although I had a seriously broken night, it's still been a good day. From the point of view of the owners' tasks, we've got both marquees up despite the on and off rain this afternoon. It was accompanied by much good humoured discussion of the best way to do it – I do think we're getting better and better at the job as the years go by. Or at least at talking about it... ;)

On Sanity Again, Johnny has continued to prep the roof and to work on the bow deck. Both are progressing well and the first job tomorrow will be to do a boat shuffle. Cala needs to be the other way round to have another window resealed and Sanity Again will be reversed into the paint shed so that all her roof is under cover ready to be undercoated.

In addition, her immersion heater has been changed. The old one had no continuity between the positive and negative side at all, suggesting that the main problem had been a pinhole through the insulation of the element. I just need to keep an eye on the new one to make sure that heating the calorifier to full temperature doesn't start the seal leaking between the heater and the tank. It's unlikely, but it's good to be sure.

I've also had a discussion with Peter about the positioning of the new WiFi aerial. I think we've found the best solution, but it's something to come back to tomorrow.

New owners John and Pat have turned up on the very latest Braidbar, Drum Solo II. Although pretty well all the boats here are in the wrong place, we've now got enough spaces on the Deeps occupied, always a reassurance. We'll have a quiet night tonight, recharging the personal batteries ready for the demands of the next few days.


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Anonymous said...

Nearly at Poynton, looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Sharon, Ian and Freckles xxx