Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dog to dog blog: the AGPs are back

Hi guys

What a strange day. Mum shoved off early(ish) and didn't come back for three hours by which time she had a bit less hair and eyebrows. After lunch, we set off in a direction we haven't gone in for ages, towards Alrewas where, lo and behold, there was the boat with the AGPs washing the roof. Well, actually, Granny was washing the roof and Grandpa was hanging around trying to be helpful.

Situation normal, then. Granny's just had her hair done too and very smart it looks. Once the stuff had been put back on said roof, we went for a ramble up the towpath. That was great, lots of opps for charging about, rummaging and sniffing. I had one anxious moment when I went for a paddle, forgetting that the canal's not like the river, it has awkward banks that are not easy to get out of. In the end, Mum had to do the humiliating collar-grab and haul.

We turned back after about half an hour and ambled along. I was feeling a bit hot and puffed by then and managed to get a drink without falling in again. Back at the boat, we all sat around in the well deck, watching the passers-by and drinking tea (if you were over 65).

Things were just getting a bit boring when this boat load of young women turned up and had a right struggle to tie in front of us. Mum went off to help and eventually they managed to get the boat stopped and tied. Mum then came back to say that they were having problems with the steering, so Grandpa, Mum and I went to see if we could help.

In the end, Grandpa put his big long gloves on and reached down the weed hatch. As he'd feared from the position of the rudder, it wasn't anything on the prop, but the rudder had come out of the skeg, whatever that is. Grandpa couldn't manage even to lift the rudder to try and sort it and had to tell them to ring the hire yard for help.

Hopefully, we're going off home soon for some tea, leaving the AGPs with the prospect of a bunch of manic maenads in front of them all evening...

Take care, guys

Loads of licks

Your friend


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