Sunday, 27 September 2015

Very Autumnal

It's been a good day, but definitely Autumn. The plan was to get away between seven and half past and we just about made it. We woke in good time OK, but the sight of dense mist outside didn't encourage us to leap lightly out of bed. Once we did get going, it was in by no means impossible conditions, but you couldn't see Bagnall Lock from our mooring on the far side of the road bridge.

There was no sign of life on the maenads' boat and there was just one guy pottering about on the towpath from the accompanying blokes' boat. Sheila steered, headlight and nav lights on, whilst I set the lock and then lock-wheeled through the village. At the river lock, I found a pair of photographers all set up, trying to get some atmospheric pictures. They were delighted with the spectral appearance of Sanity Again through the mist and took several shots of her.

The rest of the trip was pretty much the standard run, except for the mist which gradually lifted, only to return from time to time. It remained pretty chilly, not a big problem for me with the engine heat running through the rads inside and the exercise when outside, but Sheila had to add a gilet under her fleece after a bit.

We started meeting boats at Barton at nine, then three were waiting by the time we'd got down Tatenhill. There was plenty of room here at Branston, so we've tied on the Water Park moorings. We're in the sun, which broke through just as we got here, but there wasn't enough heat in it to overcome the chill indoors; in the end I gave in and lit the fire.

It's been a quiet afternoon, broken only by a brisk walk round the Water Park. The lake is very low indeed, testament to the dry summer we've had.

Tomorrow, we go on to Mercia once more, probably the last boating we'll do in 2015. Normally, we'd try and get out a bit in October, but the pressure of out patient appointments and operations makes that unlikely this year. Never mind, if Sheila gets her other foot fixed and I have my eye ops over the winter, we should be able to do some longer cruising next year.


Jo said...

Chilly? Fires? Fleeces? Here people have been sitting in the shade to get out of the sun! Amazing weekend with still water and uninterrupted sunshine. I've only just put a sweater on instead of t-shirt and shut the outside out. See you tomorrow - travel safe and if you overshoot the entrance, you'll find me and Bobby McGee on Stenson!

Roger from Crown said...

Well said Jo,

We have been toasty all day, heating on for an hour this morning.
We set off at 2pm (after watching the Japanese Grand Prix) Then on to Rugeley for shopping, now moored just after the Brindley Aqueduct.
It's 20.45 and not a fleece or gilet in sight or needed. And no heating on!
Could it be you get chilled out completely, starting off at silly o'clock?
Just a thought
NB Fizzical Attraction

Bruce in Sanity said...

Well, if we all left it until 2 to set off, there would be terrible congestion at the locks, so you should be grateful that some of us endure the chilly fog by boating early ;).

The fog didn't lift until nearly noon at Branston, by which time we were well cold and grateful for the fire.

Here in the marina today, it's roasting hot again, shirt sleeve weather.

Take care one and all