Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Into the paint dock

It's been a very different sort of day today and we're moving into the period when these blog posts may become a bit even more erratic. The first job this morning was to get Sanity Again into the paint dock and Priscilla II onto the space we were occupying on the Deeps. As part of this, Ice Breaker had to come out of the yard, hang about and then go back in again.

As it turned out, Graham and Beryl were having just a bit of a well-deserved lie-in, so Martin took Ice Breaker onto the Deeps for a while until they were ready to move. The other complication is that the paint dock is just under 70 feet long. We went in bows first for today, allowing work to start on repainting the bow deck and bow locker lid. Once they are done, we'll come out and turn round so that the full length of the roof is under cover, probably on Thursday.

Other folk are starting to arrive – Cala made it just before lunch, the Siviters have turned up to stay on Just Siviting and finally Graham (another Graham, yes, it gets confusing) and Victoria arrived on Sapphire. They will go and take Cala's space in a bit so that Cala can come into the yard to have some work done. An attempt has been made to move Gladderbrook again, but she's still hard aground on Priscilla II's mooring in Victoria Pit.

We're all feeling very cheerful already, despite unreliable weather that absolutely tips it down from time to time. I have to be careful what I say here for the next week or so – quite a few of the Braidbar Owners are followers of this blog ;) .

Tonight, a gang of us are going down to the Boar's Head, just for a change. If the forecast is right and it's dry in the morning, we'll get the marquees up.


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