Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Derby Day

After a good night's sleep, we were up and about in good time and pottered with various tasks until it was time to get the 10.22 for Derby. It wasn't too late today, for which we were very thankful, it being a cool, damp sort of day with rain ever-threatening.

The main aims for the trip were the purchase of a new pair of shoes each, a visit to Lakeland, checking out the price of some stuff in Wilko and getting my six-monthly hearing aid check. Lakeland was no trouble and we found some shoes for me quite quickly, in Clarke's, but Sheila's needs were harder to fulfill. All she wanted was a pair of simple flatties, deck shoes or loafers for preference, but none of Clarke's, Debenhams or M&S had anything like.

Abandoning the search for the moment, we had lunch in the food court, Indian street food on naans, very yummy, and then went to Wilko where we bought some vin ordinaire glasses, one of ours having got broken the other night. At 95 pence for four, we won't be too worried if another one goes west.

Adrian the audiologist saw me on time and we were soon done there; next time in March will be longer as I'm to have a repeat hearing test. Amazingly, I've had this aid for nearly two years now.

We had time both to buy a loaf of nice bread from Sainsbury's and to take a wander through the Eagle Market, where Sheila found a pair of basic flat courts which fitted well, had leather uppers and cost all of £15. We still had most of half an hour to wait in the bus station before an exciting ride back on the V3.

We've been taking it easy since, recruiting our energies for tonight's quiz mastering. It's the first of the season, so we've tried to keep it reasonably easy, honest, guv.

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