Thursday, 22 October 2015

Great evening, quiet day

I'm pleased to say that the quiz went very well last night, albeit to a somewhat reduced turnout, only seven tables rather than the ten who'd booked. No matter, folk seemed to be enjoying themselves and we achieved a goal we've had for some time, to get all the teams to score better than 50% and still to have a clear winner. This proved to be Peter and Janet's team from the other Sanity with a stonking 78 out of 90, so very pleasing all round.

We had a lazy start this morning with only an Ocado delivery scheduled. It turned up at 10.15 – the only downside was that the driver hadn't looked at his notes and had actually arrived and parked in the car park before ringing me, so I had another brisk walk across to the vehicle gate.

Once it was all on board and checked off, we did a bit of constructive loafing until lunch. Since then, we've had an amble round the marina, dumping recycling as we went and picking up milk and firelighters from Still Waters.

Elanor and Sally are looking in this evening. That often means a delayed dinner; I've put a veal casserole in the oven so we can have it whenever we get round to it.

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