Friday, 23 October 2015


Keeping well exercised in the winter is important, so today we walked to Betty's Farm to buy some meat for the weekend. It's a solid walk which took a bit longer than usual. This is because we set off from the boat at ten and by half past had made it as far as Still Waters, having stopped to chat to numerous folk on the way. We were finally on the road by quarter to eleven.

At Betty's we bought a selection of meat and some banana shallots. I'm planning to cook chili con carne for the family tomorrow and the shallots make a pleasant change from onions. We stopped to commiserate with Simon about the loss of their best ram, taken from the field just behind the house and butchered on the spot in the middle of the night. It's a bizarre choice of animal to steal as it's the middle of the tupping season and the meat will taste even stronger than a ram's would anyway.

The police are seeking the perpetrators, obviously, and a broken knife was left behind to give Forensics something to work on, but there's not a lot of hope. It's not just the loss of a favourite animal that's distressing, it's the thought of several men with very big knives loose so near the house that's alarming. The ram weighed 17 stone, so it will have taken a gang of them to overpower it and drag it away.

Having had yet more chat with various folk on the way back it was nearly noon before we were in the boat. After lunch and a short break, we set out again, to the office about one or two things and to check the post and then into Midland Chandlers to take advantage of their Freaky Friday offers. Oil absorbing mats, cratch cover cleaner, some Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure (ready for the next time the prisms decide to leak) and a rechargeable torch/nightlight were obtained with a 20% discount.

On the way back, we popped into the lodge to check out a central heating problem (the clock had lost track of the time) and to set up the aforesaid torch. Back at the boat, we've been doing IT stuff.

Tonight, Beef Sovereigns from Betty's and tomorrow, an invasion of family to look forward to. I'll try and blog, but can't promise.


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Back Porch Writer said...

mmmm Chili! We need to make that here it home. Thanks for the reminder. You all be safe.