Thursday, 8 October 2015

Great night, busy day

We had an excellent evening last night, driving over to Peter and Melanie's new home with Wynne and Jo, eating a superb piece of lamb once there and exchanging good humoured conversation throughout. We weren't desperately late back, it being a working day today for some poor souls, but we still had a bit of a lie-in this morning.

The weather being bright and dry once more, the main task for today was washing the starboard side of the cratch cover with Fabsil. That was all done by mid-morning, Sheila running washloads at the same time, and we put in a pleasant stroll round the marina before coffee. Tomorrow, we plan to go for a pump-out; when we get back, we'll come in bows first so as to get at the other side of the cratch.

We've been quieter this afternoon – a bit of eyelid inspection occurred – before Melanie dropped in for a cup of tea between appointments in the village and the Boardwalk. More laundry got done and we've managed a second walk round, picking up some shopping as we passed Still Waters.

We'll have a quick meal tonight as Chrissy and Grahame from the aforesaid establishment are coming round for a drink later, to talk about letting lodges. Theirs is being delivered in the middle of December, hopefully.

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