Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wild day but a good one

As predicted, the weather has turned quite dramatic; it was incredibly wet during the morning and has now become very windy. It seems that this may be the tail end of Hurricane Joaquin. Apart from these dramas, it's been a good, indeed productive day and we have a very pleasant evening to look forward to.

Peter and Katie came round this morning to discuss the quiz we're doing in a fortnight's time. We went through all the questions we'd prepared, made a few minor changes and agreed it was good to go. The rest of the time was spent exchanging our gossip, always a pleasant task. Whilst all this was going on, I made a batch of malted multiseed and rye bread. I deliberately made a full recipe so that we could give Peter and Katie a couple of rolls to take away with them.

It was now so windy that when they left we found that the plant troughs were blowing over on the roof – we've moved them into the well deck until it all calms down a bit.

After lunch, we turned to and emptied the deep drawer of the desk where we store the stationery supplies. Some stuff was now redundant and could be disposed of and the rest was generally tidied up and put back.

We've since had a brisk walk round the marina, followed by a cup of tea and a piece of flapjack bought from Still Waters. We're off out to dinner with Peter and Melanie of Inkling tonight, courtesy of the Wynne James taxi service and didn't want to arrive looking underfed...

Well, that's our excuse, anyway ;)


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