Thursday, 1 October 2015

Keeping busy

It was another still, misty morning this morning, ideal conditions for manoeuvring the boat. So after breakfast, we unhitched the shoreline, cleared the accumulation of stuff out of the engine room and turned Sanity Again round so that the starboard side was against the pontoon. We had a coffee and then took a walk round the marina, calling in at Linden Lodge to drop off the lodge warming present we bought yesterday.

As we passed the recycling skips, we dumped a bagful of mixed recycling. Popping into Still Waters, we got a litre of milk and some firelighters, not that we're likely to need the latter today. Mind you, it gets pretty chilly in the evenings now, but it's been seriously warm this afternoon.

After lunch, the buckets and washing kit came out and the cabinside and stern bulkhead were washed, rinsed and dried with a microfibre. Tomorrow's job will be to polish them, leaving only the front area to deal with. That can wait until we're the other way round again with the bow up to the cross pontoon, probably after we next go for a pump out in a week or so.

We finished a pretty energetic day with another walk round and treated ourselves to ice creams from Still Waters.

We'll have another quiet night tonight, recovering from all this exercise...

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