Friday, 2 October 2015

Another busy day

It's going to be a quickie blog again today after some hard work. First off, I made a batch of bread dough, seeds and oats, and set it to rise. We had a walk round the marina after coffee and then made a rendezvous with Cath and the cleaning team at the lodge.

It's looking quite part worn after a summer of letting and the team had their work cut out to get it back up to their high standard, spending most of the day on it. We'll do some more to it whilst it's off let for November, such as oiling the floor.

Elanor came across as we were finishing lunch. She's had a couple of days off with a virus that's doing the rounds at her work and benefited from the fresh air and company. She and I took Sal for a peramble round the marina whilst Sheila made a start on putting polish on the side of the boat. When we got back, Sheila and I took it in turns to sit in the well deck chatting to Elanor and the pooch whilst the other worked on the polishing.

After Elanor had gone home, we finished off the polishing by doing the stern bulkhead and Sheila harvested the chilli crop. It's a load better than last year, but with some scope for further improvement.

Tomorrow, we're going to Burton with Elanor, to get some replacement gear for the lodge, mugs and the like, and to survey the work that needs doing to her house this Autumn.


Anonymous said...

If things go to plan (big assumption there!) then we're bringing Indigo Dream to Mercia for the winter - we may finally get to meet Sally!

Hope to catch up with you both in the net few months, though I'm not sure we have the stamina for the marina's social life ;-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Bruce in Sanity said...

Sally says "Woof!"

That's very good news.

All the best